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If we could see the the damage that emotional trauma does to our bodies like we can see external trauma, we wouldn't think twice about getting treatment.

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Meet Our Team

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Amber Gates

As a mother with an extensive background in school counseling, Amber has seen and experienced first hand the overwhelming stress and burn out that those in "helping" roles take on everyday.  She is passionate about guiding those in the "helper" field in finding a renewed energy and unique resources to successfully manage their stressors and anxiety.  Amber has had amazing success in utilizing these tools both for herself and others.

If you are ready to find a new way to self-help your way through stressors that bind you so you can continue to help those you serve, book with Amber today.     

Heather Anderson

Heather has spent the majority of her career supporting and guiding pregnant mommas and children ages newborn through young adults.  As a mother of 9, she has personally experienced many struggles that many new and established parents   experience.  Additionally, Heather has worked extensively with addiction, recovery and betrayal trauma.  Heather's goal is to share the tools EFT has provided, not only for herself and those she's worked with, to a much larger community.  

The reality of unexpected outcomes to moments that ideally should be the most magical, can be traumatizing and overwhelming.  If you are struggling with consequences that you have had no control over and you are looking for tools that can aid you through the process of self-healing, book with Heather and let her help guide you through that journey today.

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Request A Free Exploration Call

30 minute FREE call to explore what "tapping" is and how it can help you unlock your inner potential.

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Feel free to sign up as a member of our website or send us your email address in the chat.  We would love to stay connected and offer tips and discounts as they become available.

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