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Hello and welcome to Renewed Energy, LLC!  Our names are Amber Gates and Heather Anderson.  

Amber holds a BA in Psychology with a minor in Family Studies as well as a MS in Applied Psychology.  She has done extensive training in trauma work, holding an active license as a School Counselor for the past 12 years.

As a self-care consultant and EFT coach, Amber’s focus is helping people overcome stress and burnout.  She seeks to work with individuals who are overwhelmed by their current situation in a caregiver or helping role. 

Heather holds an Associates of Science Degree in Nursing with 25 years of intense focus and training in maternal child health, pediatrics, and addiction recovery.  As a self-care consultant and EFT coach, Heather’s goal is to empower individuals to help overcome unwanted responses to distressing experiences, and gain confidence in being their true, authentic self.

Emotional Freedom Technique is also known as “tapping”. Through tapping on your own acupressure points, and repeating specific phrases addressing your feelings, thoughts, and situation, you introduce a healthy, noninvasive way to reduce the electrical charges in your brain and body that are related to negative and unhelpful patterns of thinking and feeling. You then have the power to begin increasing clarity concerning your situation, discover more positive and helpful ways to respond, and develop the courage to take action.

EFT is alternative in nature.  Even still, this technique has evolved from many other techniques and theories spanning hundreds of years. Intentional research has proven this technique to be highly effective in a wide variety of clinical trials, research studies, and current practical application.

Although not required, EFT is complementary to services you might be receiving from mental or physical healthcare professionals.  Your results will likely differ from others who have used this technique. 

At Renewed Energy, LLC, we provide a unique way to uplift and support body, mind, soul and energy.  We would love to help you reduce stress, gain clarity, understand acceptance and unlock your inner potential while teaching you how to gain power and control within yourself and receive emotional freedom and renewed energy.   

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